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Simply Osteo - Associate Osteopath

07828 458 769


East Grinstead

Wednesdays 11am - 5pm

Thursdays 9:30am - 12pm

Offering Osteopathy & Sports Massage


Ben is a qualified Osteopath & Sports Massage Therapist


Ben graduated in Osteopathic Medicine from NESCOT in Epsom. With nearly 20 years experience as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, Ben has worked alongside Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, building referral networks for his clients. These key connections led him to later train as an Osteopath.


From 2014-2016, Ben worked in the European Formula 3 Championship, World Series Renault Championships, and Formula 2 Championships. He supported teams and drivers with massage, warm-ups, cool-downs, nutrition guidance, and preparation for intense race weekends. Ben has also trained footballers during off-seasons to maintain their fitness with strength and endurance work.


Ben is interested in how psychological conditions affect chronic pain, having treated many patients with anxiety and stress-related symptoms. He believes that building strength, without necessarily increasing muscle mass, promotes confidence and satisfaction, reducing injury risk.


Ben lives in East Grinstead with his partner and two children. In his youth, he was a county-level swimmer and played recreational football.

Ben offers Osteopathy & Sports Massage and works at

Simply Osteo Clinic in East Grinstead


Wednesdays 11am-5pm

& Thursdays 9:30am-12pm


To book an appointment with Ben, please contact us on

07828 458 769 or email


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