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September 20​23

Special Offers

Better Sleep Bundles with Calm Confident Mind

Better Sleep Bundles

with Carrie Mason

Our approach is gentle, holistic and tailored to suit individual personal needs.


Better Sleep Bundles, are designed to offer a unique combination of hypnotherapy and reiki aiming to help promote relaxation, break the cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours keeping you awake at night, as well as reduce anxiety, which can be a major contributory factor to insomnia.


Each Better Sleep Bundle includes helpful Better Sleep Hints & Tips along with a Sleep Routine Workbook and Tracker to help you to better understand & improve your sleep pattern.

We have a selection of Better Sleep Bundles to suit all budgets. Offering special reduced priced bundles for a limited period.

Get the rest you deserve! 


Check-out the website for more information about our Better Sleep Bundles:  

Click Here: 


GET YOUR FREE Sleep Routine Workbook and Tracker Here -

Free Sleep Routine Workbook & Tracker

Keep checking back, new offers coming soon!

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