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June 2024

Special Offers

Wedding Package - Special Offer

Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Packages


Are you getting Married or know somebody that is?


Carrie Mason has created special Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Packages, designed to help you plan and enjoy your special day and become self-empowered. These packages are tailored to help you let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that may be holding you back from enjoying your wedding day to the fullest.

Here are a few examples of issues that hypnotherapy may be able to assist you with:


  • Body image fears

  • Overwhelming fear of being the centre of attention

  • Anxiety surrounding public speaking and delivering speeches

  • Nervousness on your wedding day

  • Coping with family pressures and meeting expectations

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the process of wedding planning

  • Managing stress caused by striving for perfectionism

  • Conquering nail-biting habit

  • Weight management motivations

  • Nerves associated with performing the first dance

  • Building self-confidence 

  • Alleviating anxiety in various aspects

  • Managing social anxiety

    With an aim to install calm and confidence within you, ensuring that you not only enjoy your special day but also carry this positivity throughout life!


    Sessions with Carrie are at our Croydon clinic on Fridays.


    Find Out More:


    Website Link:


    Wedding Day YouTube Video:


    Email Carrie:

Massage Therapist with Cristiano in East Grinstead

Special offers for massage with Cristiano

Cristiano is offering 20% off for the first session of massage, 10% off for a course of 6 massages and 5% off for a course of 3 massages.

Cristiano is a Qualified Complementary Practitioner specialising in Massage Therapy and Environmental Analysis utilising Geobiology, Geobiophysical and Electrobiology methods.


You can find Cristiano at the East Grinsted Clinic on Wednesday from 3pm to 9pm



Cristiano offers a 360 personalized experience based on the customer's specific requests. His massage therapy includes:


  • Sport and Remedial Massage

  • Holistic Massage 

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Oncology Massage



Cristiano embarked on his holistic journey over 20 years ago, and his insatiable curiosity about life’s intricacies and subtle mechanisms has never waned. This quest has led him through a diverse array of pathways, including Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Raja Yoga, Geobiology, and ultimately Massage Therapy.

Cristiano has been a fully insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) since 2022.

Better Sleep Bundles with Calm Confident Mind

Better Sleep Bundles

with Carrie Mason

Our approach is gentle, holistic and tailored to suit individual personal needs.


Better Sleep Bundles, are designed to offer a unique combination of hypnotherapy and reiki aiming to help promote relaxation, break the cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours keeping you awake at night, as well as reduce anxiety, which can be a major contributory factor to insomnia.


Each Better Sleep Bundle includes helpful Better Sleep Hints & Tips along with a Sleep Routine Workbook and Tracker to help you to better understand & improve your sleep pattern.

We have a selection of Better Sleep Bundles to suit all budgets. Offering special reduced priced bundles for a limited period.

Get the rest you deserve! 


Check-out the website for more information about our Better Sleep Bundles:  

Click Here: 


GET YOUR FREE Sleep Routine Workbook and Tracker Here -

Free Sleep Routine Workbook & Tracker

Keep checking back, new offers coming soon!

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