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Simply Osteo - Associate Osteopath

07828 458 769


South Croydon

Wednesdays 12:20pm - 6:20pm

Fridays 8:20am - 12:20pm

Offering: Osteopathy & Dry Needling

Yvan graduated in 2019 with a Masters in Osteopathy and Naturopathy from the British College of Osteopathy in London. This allows him to give nutrition advice on top of his Osteopathy. 

Osteopathy has always been a part of Yvan’s life as he was born with club feet. This condition needed daily treatment by both osteopaths and physiotherapists for the first three years of his life. 

Yvan now has 4 years of experience treating a multitude of conditions ranging from everyday aches and pain to more complex issues. He uses a wide range of techniques, such as manipulations, joint mobilisations and soft tissue, in order to help his patients. His treatment is holistic, taking into account the whole body, with the aim to get patients out of pain but also to make sure that they stay out of pain going forward.

Yvan is trained in dry needling as well as pilates movements, he implements both of those practices into his treatment plans.

Whilst Yvan was born in France, he has lived in the UK for most of his life and has also worked in Mexico. This means he can speak English and French fluently as well as Spanish at a conversational level.

Yvan offers Osteopathy & Dry Needling

at Simply Osteo Clinic in South Croydon


To book an appointment with Yvan, please contact us on

07828 458 769 or email



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