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How our clinic will be adapting during these times....



Ways that we are protecting ourselves and others....

Pre-screening of Patients

Patients will be screened in the 24 hours prior to attending their appointment to ensure they are not showing any symptoms and have not been exposed to anyone showing symptoms or who has tested positive to Coronavirus

We may look a little different - please do not be alarmed!

To adhere to the current government guildlines for clinicians, we will be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

We will be in a face mask, gloves and an apron (with or without eye protection dependant on risk assessment)

Face Coverings

We require all patients/clients to wear a face covering to their appointments - this is to protect you & us!

If you do not have one or forget it we have some for sale at the clinic

Changing PPE

We will be changing our PPE regularly and disposing of it in the correct way

De-Cluttering the Clinic

You will notice the clinic may look a little bare compared to normal, we have removed any non-essential items and all soft furnishings to minimise infection risk (includes couch covers and towels), Please bare with us during this time

Hand Hygiene

All patients will be asked to wash their hands before and after their treatment sessions, hand sanitiser will also be avaliable on-site

Arrive on time (& not early)

We ask all patients to kindly wait in their cars or outside where possible if early for their appointments to avoid the cross over of patients in the waiting room

Extra Cleaning

After EVERY patient the treatment room and commumal areas will be sanitised and thoroughly cleaned, the treatment couch and chairs will be wiped down, pillowcases changed, floors mopped and not forgetting all high touch points like door handles, intercom buzzers, and toilet flushes will be wiped down using hospital grade disinfectant wipes

Time between appointments

We have factored in a gaps between every patient, this is for the Osteopath to carry out all the extra cleaning needed, change their PPE and to air out the treatment room (Can we please ask that you please leave promptly at the end of your appointment session)

If you wish to read about our clinic changes in more detail then please feel free to view our

Simply Osteo Clinic Risk Assessment

We would like to ask any patients who are currently booked in and who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

to contact the clinic where we will be happy to reschedule your treatment.

There will be no cancellation fee for appointments cancelled or changed due to COVID-19!

Other than that it’s business as usual!!

We really look forward to seeing you soon

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