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TR Balance


Anna & David

Sports Massage

Remedial Massage

& Reiki



or call/text: 07793 747398 (Anna) or 07753 987931 (David)

Appointments available at Simply Osteo Clinic

in South Croydon on

Tuesdays 3pm-9pm


About TR Balance...

Anna and David are fully qualified manual and movement therapists, as well as Reiki practitioners, and have been working with clients for over twenty years to help reduce pain, relieve stress and recover from injury.


They offer sports massage and remedial massage at the Simply Osteo Clinic as well as Reiki treatments.


David is a problem solver and keen anatomist, and with a background in engineering has a deep understanding of the mechanics and functionality of the human body.


Anna’s background is in psychology and she tends to work intuitively, understanding the needs of her clients through watching, listening and understanding.


Anna and David hold VTCT Level 3 and Level 4 certifications in soft tissue therapy and Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki diploma certifications.

 They regularly attend courses and workshops to gather more ‘tools’ for their therapy toolbox and are also studying for the highest VTCT Level 5 soft tissue therapy qualification. They also hold numerous fitness/training qualifications that span over twenty years.


For more information, please visit

For enquiries and bookings, please email:

or call/text: 07793 747398 (Anna) or 07753 987931 (David) ​

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